My first Giveaway!!!

 Im not hosting it, but I was asked to contribute some free pattern downloads and I’m very excited to gain some traffic my way! plus it totally makes up for the fact that I messed up on a skirt for a client. Turns out I need to ask how big their booty is instead of assuming lol that was my first mess up and I dont mind doing it again :) She had smaller hips than my model who it looked great on, but I guess her backside was quite a bit larger! Learned my lesson lol  So if you ask for a skirt my first question may be “How big is your butt?”


God Bless and Happy Hooking

simple success?–please-/58609

This top has been my most popular design and I cant help but wonder why something so incredibly simple has done so well, when other projects I’ve spent months on didn’t get a second glance. While some of my earlier designs weren’t perfect, I wonder if my love of thread scares people away. Is it that intimidating? Regardless if whether it is or not, my current design is simple to make in Gorgeous Knitpicks Curio! Im taking a thread break right now while my husband is home, but hopefully I will get it finished by the end of the week and its soooo pretty!!

God Bless and Happy Hooking!

Artsy Contemplation

So, I made this a few months back to help support a local arts foundation and now its long gone. While I hold on to this obsession and my brain just overflows with design ideas, I cannot help but get this urge for another recreation in crochet. If its not obvious, the picture is my rendition of Starry Starry Night all crocheted and stretched over a piece of canvas. I have several pieces of stretched canvas still sitting in the bag I bought them in. I even have a painting picked out to recreate, but I can’t help but think it would be a waste of my time. I would love to sell these as hard as it is to let it go, but would anyone buy it? Even as im speaking all I can think about is rummaging through my yarn stash for the colors I need for my next creation, but I know the disappointment that follows when no one else seems to be half as excited as I was about my new creation. That’s the life of an artist I guess, but I never was more excited about my work than standing near my Van Gogh piece in a room with maybe 100 people, watching them fight over whose name was at the bottom of that auction sheet. It sold for $100. Pretty good for a 6×6 piece of canvas with some yarn and thread on it. :) im not just a wannabe crochet designer! I’m an ARTIST! A guitar-playing, thread-hooking housewife and mother. Though im not always confident enough to believe it, I can at least say in this moment that I am a woman of many talents :)

God Bless and Happy Hooking!


<a href="

” title=”my latest published design! “>my latest published design!

When my friend tried this on she thought it was a dress! I made a versatile skirt! originally a skirt pattern but pull it up and its cute tea party dress :)

God Bless and Happy Hooking! 

Models are hard to find

So my best friend came to see me ( 5 hours away) so I took total advantage of her and made her model all my designs which I had horrible pictures for. Being a stay-at-home-mom with a husband that works non-stop, I have to make do with modeling most my designs myself. So im overjoyed to have some pictures finally that isn’t me cutting my head off because im the least photogenic person in the world. So yay! Check out my new and improved pics!!

skirt progress!

So obviously not everyone can pull off wearing my designs, but what I love and hate about crochet is that it can work for you or against you!  I cannot count the number of tops I have made that I don’t wear because they seem to just add bulk, but skirts ahhh skirts. After 2 kids my lower half seemed to double in size and crocheted skirts have become my best friend :) You can take just about any yarn and create a miniskirt that hides every flaw as opposed to those made from flimsy clingy fabric that show off more than you want the world to see. You dont have to worry about going to a store trying to find something that’s not too long or in my case too short, I get to try it on as I go until I get the perfect fit!  You just dont get versatililty like that in your local clothing store, and there is nothing more gratifying than wearing something that you made yourself which you know no one else owns! Goodbye cookie cutter fashion!

God Bless and Happy Hooking!

Newfound love for wool!


Being a crocheter from Texas I never before could warm up to the idea of wool. The first time I bought some I made this tie-up halter from an mid- 2000 Crochet! Magazine and once I tried it on it was so itchy! I absolutely could not stand it. Here I am several years later working on a miniskirt design using Knitpicks Palette and I absolutely cannot get over how beautiful it is! There are so many color options and its incredibly light, whereas if I chose cotton like I normally do, or the four-letter-worded Acrylic, I would be hunting the ends of the earth for the perfect color only to end up with a heavy skirt that I will never wear because it keeps falling down. Thank you 100% Peruvian Highland Wool for being so gorgeous!
Stay tuned for my finished skirt :)

GOD Bless and Happy Hooking!